What is it?

Prodhub is a collaboration tool that organizes your production online. Think Google Docs but tailored to the needs of film & television production.

What does it do?

Prodhub centralizes your production’s data (contact info, locations, vendors, etc.) in one place online. Everyone on the project logs in for the info they need to do their job.

Who uses it?

Corporate videos
Music videos

Key features

Big picture

Productions have information scattered in many places. Sometimes that makes sense. Usually it doesn’t.

Consider your contact list. There should only be one. Ever. It should be available anytime to people who need it, it should be instantly updatable, and it must accurately represent who does what and how to reach them. It should know Producers appear at the top of the list and not beneath Production Assistants. It should be able to show you everyone in the Camera Department. It should be able to order cast by billing.

Traditional desktop software doesn’t do that. That disqualifies your Excel spreadsheet. And Google Docs doesn’t understand the specialized needs of media production.

When your data lives online, you can delegate various areas of responsilibity to others. Your Assistant Director can import from Final Draft® and manage the schedule. Your Locations Manager can manage locations. Department Heads can manage their vendors.

When the right people are empowered to manage their own data, your production saves time & money.

Centralized contact info

Everyone authorized to work on your project maintains their own contact info (unless you want to). It’s always current, so when someone needs the Assistant Director’s phone number at 3am, it’s instantly accessible online.


Vendors live in one place organized by what phase of production they apply to (e.g., Development, Production, Post). Vendor contact info can be private or shared with everyone.

Drag & drop stripboard

Reorganize your shoot order. In a web browser. From any machine anywhere.


People know where to report. Your locations are tied to online maps, so if your grip truck gets lost and costs you 30 minutes, they’ll never say, “You didn’t tell us where to go.”

Call sheets

Data from everywhere else gets funneled into pretty Acrobat PDF call sheets. Different call time? New shoot order? Changes ripple through automatically. Goodbye call sheet drudgery.


Save some trees (and some money). Print fewer production documents and let people access current info online as needed.

Hello, Internets

Your data lives online, not on one guy‘s laptop inside some proprietary piece of software with a dongle. And it‘s backed up at three different data centers.

A bunch of other stuff

It’s a big system. The best way to get a feel is to kick the tires on a fully-functional demo. For a deeper feature rundown, click here.


Pay by the size of your project

Up to 20 people $25/month
Up to 40 people $45/month
Up to 60 people $70/month
Up to 80 people $110/month
Up to 100 people $150/month
Up to 150 people $300/month
Up to 200 people $450/month
Up to 300 people $600/month
More than 300 people Contact us

Monthly billing

Start small. Add more people anytime. Cancel anytime.

Setting up a new project takes five minutes. Adding your data takes longer. Once your project is set up, you can delegate to others (e.g., department heads).

Pay by credit card.

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