Call sheets suck.

They’re complicated. Information funnels from different people. Details change last minute. And they must be right or things get messed up big time.

Prodhub automates call sheets. Ditch your Excel/Word template from 1992 that’s been handed down from one AD to the next.

The idea is that you (or whomever you delegate) get the info right. Leave the layout & mashing stuff into one page to a machine. And if your call time gets pushed and that has ripple effects, or if your shoot order changes last minute, machines are good with that, too.

The three templates below meet most productions’ needs. We encourage you to try a demo and explore the Administration section where call sheets live. If you require functionality that isn’t offered, drop us a line.

Click any of the images below to download the matching Acrobat PDF file.

One page call sheet

Two page call sheet

Commercial/Photo shoot call sheet