Fully functional demo

Hello, Jean Producesalot

We don’t need your name, email, or credit card. Just click HERE and you’re in the demo...(or read on for some context).

Your Prodhub demo thrusts you into a “real world” film project. This is not a trial, tutorial, instructional video, or slide presentation. It’s the product itself.

Your name is Jean Producesalot. You run Collaborative Artists, LLC. You’re producing the film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

The big picture is that you and others you delegate (e.g., department heads, production assistants) are masters of project information. Everyone else signs in to consume that information. In this demo, you’ll see admin features “normal” users never see. It’s a big system: Some features are fast learns, others take time.

Explore. Add things, delete things, do whatever. It goes away in an hour.

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