Frequently asked questions

Can I see how it works?

The best way to see how Prodhub works is to explore a full-featured demo. It puts you in the shoes of a producer on a “real” project.

How is it different from other free, online options like Google Docs?

Prodhub knows what a Grip is. It knows what scenes, call sheets, shooting locations, and strip boards are. Think of Prodhub as an industry-specific, specialized version of other generalized collaborative solutions. Click here for a detailed overview.

How is it different from desktop software like Movie Magic Scheduling or Gorilla?

Desktop software is great if one person is “master” of project data. It’s like working with a Microsoft Word document on your computer. But when multiple people need to change data simultaneously and make the most current information available to everyone else, desktop software becomes a hindrance.

Prodhub is an application that lives in “the cloud.” That means you can access it from any Internet-capable computer or mobile device. It also means you don’t have to worry about software updates because we do that automatically. With Prodhub, you’re not buying or licensing software; you pay for what you need when you need it.

How is it different from Microsoft Word & Excel?

You have your trusty Excel call sheet template that’s been passed down AD-to-AD since 1993. Your Word contact list template has filled production books for decades.

If you’re happy, we’re happy. But if you want to collaborate & share information online, generalized tools like Microsoft’s do not meet the needs of crews that come together for a short time as a team. Most other collaborative tools are designed for teams that are relatively constant, not the merry-go-round of production. Information needs to be correct, shared, and accessible to everyone involved in your project.

Is it hard to learn?

We’ve worked to make Prodhub similar to software and websites you’re already familiar with. Most tasks are easy. More complex tasks that only a handful of people might ever do (e.g., generating call sheets) require additional effort.

If you can’t figure something out, contact tech support. We usually reply within an hour or two. If you need a walk-through, we’ll do it together on your own computer via screen share.

How do I set up my first project?

It takes five minutes. Get started.

Will Prodhub own my content?

No. You own your content. Period. We keep it secure and only you can share it with people you choose. Here’s our Terms of Service.

At what point should I set up Prodhub for my project?

Prodhub gets people on the same page. During production is when the need for coordination is greatest. Many benefit from online collaboration starting from pre-production all the way through post.

Can I set up a Prodhub account without a project?

No. You either must create your own project to set up your personal Prodhub account or be invited into Prodhub from someone else’s project.

Is there a dedicated mobile version?

Prodhub works on any mobile device with a browser. We’re working on versions tailored for smaller mobile displays.

Are student discounts available?

You bet. Drop us a line.

Are group licenses available?

Sure. Here’s info on group licenses. If you’d like to set something up or have any questions, drop us a line.