Detailed feature list

Prodhub offers a wide array of features to suit most media projects.


Contacts are the people who work on your project, pre-production through post. Prodhub centralizes contact information so whenever anyone needs to reach anyone else, a phone number, email, or street address is always available online.

Contact list. View everyone on the project, everyone involved in a phase (e.g., Post-production, Marketing), or only people in a specific department.

Job positions. Contacts can hold multiple jobs in the same or different departments.

Delegate tasks. Change a contact’s “permissions” and grant them access to privileged areas. Let your Office Assistant assign job positions, your Assistant Director manage scheduling, and your Location Manager wrangle locations.

Cast & crew credits. Full credits, in proper order, can be checked by anyone on the project.


A shared schedule keeps everyone on the same page. Add events, meetings, and rearrange your shooting order with a few clicks.

Designate days. Layout your schedule from development through post. Days are color-coded so you know at a glance if it’s a production day or a day off.

To-do lists. Assign tasks to people and let others know when they’re complete.

Events. Since your online schedule is always up-to-date, people can check what’s going on and where.

Strip board. Drag & drop your scene strips to rearrange your shoot.


Prodhub manages the details of every scene whether you enter info online or import from scriptwriting software like Final Draft®.

Coordinate scene details. Prodhub wrangles all the usual scene info like synopsis, script pages, interior/exterior, day/night, etc. Cast, shooting location and shoot dates are cross-referenced automatically to your contact list, location list, and schedule.

View your script online. Import from Final Draft®, then view scenes for a specific actor or location, search special instructions, and review what’s shooting on a particular day. Script changed? Upload a new version and Prodhub syncs the changes.

Special instructions. Grant department heads (or anyone else) “permission” to change a scene’s special instructions for their department. That info ripples through onto your call sheet.


A location is any place people gather for the project. Your production office, rehearsal spaces, meeting areas, and shooting locations are all geographic “locations” others need to find.

Maps & driving directions. No more excuses for not knowing where to go. Prodhub offers instant, automated maps from popular map services.

Geoprofiles. Prodhub assembles info about every location including weather, global coordinates, average driving distance for the crew, distance from your home, and sunrise/sunset data.

Public & private notes. Track location confirmation status, billing, noise concerns, studio zone.


Vendors supply equipment and services from preproduction through post. Prodhub centralizes vendor information so staff know where to go, who to talk to, and what to pick up.

Maps & driving directions. Like any other location, having a correct map in hand is invaluable. Enter a proper street address and Prodhub does the rest.

Maintain public & private notes on each vendor. Public notes are available for everyone to see. Private notes may include confidential information and can only be viewed by contacts with “permission.”

Call sheets

Call sheets centralize critical information for a single day of shooting. Prodhub generates Acrobat PDF call sheets. Check out samples.

No more faxing. “Publish” your call sheet when it’s ready. Your crew can download it instantly from anywhere in the world.

All the details come together...automatically. Prodhub consolidates all the details for your production day from cast rehearsal times to scene special instructions to crew phone numbers to your transportation fleet to radio channel frequencies.

One-click push or pull. If you change your crew call time, the adjustment ripples through your call sheet. So if you push call from 10am to 11am, your shooting call time adjusts, your cast & crew call times adjust, and your meal times adjust.

Colorful, easy to read PDF. Customize your call sheet layout for one page, two page, or commercial styles. Prodhub generates PDF call sheets in letter, legal, A3, and A4 paper sizes.

Project home

The project home page is your information hub. Whenever contacts sign in to your project, they start on the home page.

Project feed. What’s going on with your project.

Files. Share budgets, scripts, contracts. Limit who can download a file by arbitrary group or department.

Schedule. Bird’s eye overview of what’s happening when. Any events scheduled for today will be highlighted.

Maps. Available online or downloadable to Google Earth.