Group licenses

“Group licenses” are a way to secure a block of Prodhub projects at a discounted rate for your school, group, organization, or club. Contact us to figure out what you need.

How group licenses work

  1. Choose a group license “administrator” on your end who knows who is eligible for Prodhub projects in your group.
  2. When a member of your group wishes to start a Prodhub project, that member contacts your group’s administrator.
  3. The administrator logs in to their own Prodhub account, enters the member’s email address, and an invitation is emailed to the member.
  4. The group member receives their email invitation from the administrator and activates their Prodhub project under the group license.
  5. The member may already have a Prodhub account or they may be setting one up for the first time. The group license applies either way.

Group license options

Number of slots Total number of Prodhub projects available under the group license. The administrator is able to issue invitations until all slots are claimed. A slot is only claimed when a group member activates their Prodhub project using the invitation sent from your group administrator.
Project size Project size only applies to group licenses that include free months. Prodhub projects are normally priced by how many contacts are permitted in the project (here). For example, if a group license has four free months included, those free months are applied to projects of up to this many contacts.
Number of free months A group license may include free months for each of its projects. If free months are included, the group member’s project will expire at the end of the free months. The group member may extend the length of their project at any time.
Percentage discount A group license may include a percentage discount. This discount is applied to normal Prodhub pricing.
Expiration date A group license has an expiration date after which invitations may no longer be dispatched. Any unused slots are forfeit. Note that this expiration date only applies to the group license itself, not projects that are created under it.

Monitoring projects under your group license

The group license administrator may monitor the general status of all projects created under the group license. The administrator does not have access to any of those projects.

If the group license administrator is himself/herself involved in a project, the project must invite the group license administrator using the same procedure as for any other contact.

Frequently asked questions

How do I set up a group license? If you’d like to set up a group license or have questions, drop us a line.
What if a group member needs more contacts than the group license provided for? The group member can upgrade their project anytime. If the group license includes a percentage discount, that discount will be applied to all upgrades.
Does the group license administrator have access to private information in the group’s projects? No. Administrators may only monitor the status of group members’ projects but none of the contacts, scheduling, locations, or other project data.
Can one group have multiple group licenses? Sure. Each group license can have different options or cover a different span of time. The group licenses can be maintained by the same administrator or different administrators.
What happens to unused slots when the group license expires? Unused slots are forfeit when the group license expires.
Can we offer slots to people not in our group? Your group license is intended for members in your group. The group license administrator is gatekeeper. If slots are determined to be used by people not in your group, the group license may become forfeit and normal Prodhub prices will apply.
Can a group license have more than one administrator? No. Only one administrator per group license.
Can we change our group license administrator? Sure. Send an email to your Prodhub representative.